Two Russian hockey coaches started fighting during a playoff game Thursday, one ended up shirtless.

By Extra Mustard
April 02, 2015

The only thing that can make a fight between hockey coaches more compelling is one of the combatants ending the scrap shirtless and bleeding.

That's exactly what happened during a minor league hockey game in Russia on Thursday. The incident occurred during a playoff semifinal game between THK Tver and HC Izhstal, according to Both teams were given 20-minute penalties

Russian hockey team celebrates with human domino routine

Here's an extended video:

Izhstal coach Andrei Razin lost his shirt in the fracas and suffered a gash above his eye. THK coach Alex Zhdahin escaped unscathed.

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Here is a rough Google translation of what Razin had to say after the game. From Izhstal's website

Unfortunately, I can not comment on the match, because starting from the second period, I was not allowed to play. I walked through the coaching and, unfortunately, did not see the game. I congratulate my guys with another victory, made one more small step to the final. But this is not the final victory, tomorrow another game. Yes, throw out a lot of emotion, a lot of strength left, but we have a young team, we have already passed through it, so for tomorrow's game will prepare as usual.

The league said play was suspended for fifteen minutes and both coaches were ejected. It's currently in the process of determining punishment. 

- Dan Gartland

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