The Oscar Robertson Trophy is unfortunately shaped

The Oscar Robertson Trophy is, um, interestingly designed?
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Wisconsin forward Frank Kaminsky won the Oscar Robertson Award on Friday, and the trophy really sticks up- I mean, sticks out. 

Kaminsky and sweet-shooting Wisconsin are sitting pretty with a Final Four berth and a shot at upending Kentucky's perfect season on Saturday. At the very least, they're sitting better than Robertson, whose iconic figure appears involuntarily skewered on the end of a long, brass stick. 

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The figurine represents Oscar Robertson mid-flight during one of his most iconic dunks, achieving splits in mid-air and clutching his ball.

The award is given annually to the best collegiate basketball player in the country as determined by the U.S. Basketball Writers Association. 

I'm sure seeing the statuette impales- I mean, pales in comparison to seeing Robertson dunk in person, but it's still a great representation of one of the NBA's 50 Greatest Players Of All-Time. 

[h/t Michael Katz for the tweet]

- Will Green