Weekend Hot Clicks: Suns cheerleader Ariel is Lovely Lady of the Day

By Pete Blackburn
April 04, 2015

Hurling Up Prayers

College basketball's sideline reporters are starting to feel the madness from the remaining Final Four fans. ESPN's Kaylee Hartung was hit on by a diehard Kentucky fan but—not to be outdone—a Michigan State supporter proposed to Allie LaForce on live TV. Good luck to the reporters forced to endure whatever shenanigans come during national championship coverage.

Ducks Lie Together

Not only did the Anaheim Ducks completely copy Jimmy Kimmel's 'Mean Tweets' segment for their recent Social Media Night, they also made up all the tweets that fans supposedly wrote about their players. So lame.

Lovely Lady of the Day

Ariel from the Phoenix Suns is Cheerleader of the Week, which means she's a pretty fine candidate for LLOD too. (Click here for full-sized gallery.)

An NFL Slam Dunk Contest?

New York Giants wide receiver Odell Beckham, Jr. threw down a pretty sweet windmill dunk the other day. The display caught the attention of the Packers' Davante Adams, who has officially challenged OBJ to a dunk contest. After seeing the highlight from Adams below, I'd probably put my money on him.

Charlie Adam...From Distance!

The Stoke player scored this awesome goal from his own half against Chelsea on Saturday.


Best Sports Tattoo Ever?

A Michigan fan followed through on his promise to get a Jim Harbaugh 'Saved By The Bell' tattoo, and the result is outstanding.

Butt Pass!

Top college basketball recruit Ben Simmons is about donks over dunks.

Speaking of Butts...


Odds & Ends

Wayne Rooney's still got it...Paul George is returning on Sunday...A crazy Russian hockey brawl left a coach shirtless and challenging an opposing coach to a fight...Patrick Reed hit a hole-in-one, then lost his watch celebrating like a mad man...Tiger Woods is going to play in the Masters, and Vegas apparently thinks he has a great shot to win it...Ludacris released a teaser for his music video with Marshawn Lynch...I can't stop laughing at this NASCAR fan's heartbreak...These VHS covers for modern TV shows & movies are so awesome.

Michigan Rugby Shakes It Off

Funny or awkward? I'm leaning towards the latter.


Manuela Makes It Easy

This Price Is Right model's brain fart led to a contestant getting a free car without even trying.


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