Nigel Hayes explains how he chooses his big words.
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Nigel shares the inspiration for his vocabulary. 

By Extra Mustard
April 05, 2015

Wisconsin's upset of Kentucky to advance to the NCAA tournament's championship game sets up an exciting matchup with Duke, but it also allows us to revel in two more days of Nigel Hayes. 

Hayes, a sophomore guard for the Badgers, has become known for his use of big words at press conferences. He has used words like "catawampus" and "succedaneum" to challenge the stenographer

But how does Hayes decide which words to use in his press conferences?

“Some of them I stumble upon when I’m reading various materials at night, or sometimes they’re given to me by friends,” Hayes told For The Win. “I’ve had probably over 10,000 words tweeted at me since this whole thing started in Omaha. I’ve had my selection from those."

Nigel Hayes is the off-court star of the NCAA tournament

May we suggest hippopotomonstrosesquippedaliophobia? According to, it means "fear of long words." 

- Stanley Kay

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