Wrigley Field acquires extra toilets

After lengthy lines and disgusting conditions marred the Chicago Cubs' opener at Wrigley Field, extra toilets 
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After lengthy lines and disgusting conditions marred the Chicago Cubs' opener at Wrigley Field on Sunday, extra toilets have arrived.

@WrigleyRenovations, a Twitter account "documenting the Wrigley Field renovations as they happen," probably never thought it would be tweeting to 16,000 followers about extra toilets, but here we are.

The Cubs lost 3-0 to the St. Louis Cardinals on Opening Night 2015, but the larger story—in the midst of significant renovations to the hundred-year-old stadium—became the longlines at restrooms and people apparently resorting to relieving themselves in beer cups.

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That's certainly good to hear. Now the Cubs just need to fix their offense.

Mike Fiammetta