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Michigan coach Jim Harbaugh stopped by to watch the school's ultimate frisbee team practice

By Extra Mustard
April 16, 2015

Since being hired as Michigan football coach in December, Jim Harbaugh has done all he can to assert himself on his alma mater's campus.

This week, that meant attending the practice of MagnUM, Michigan's ultimate frisbee team, reports ESPN. 

On Tuesday, the frisbee team penned "Ultimate Fris-baugh: A Plea From The Ultimate Frisbee Team" on The Black Sheep, a comedic campus publication, requesting that Harbaugh stop by some time.

The coach did so without warning, surprising the team Wednesday night, as it prepared for regional championships two weeks away.

"We were just warming up and he just kind of showed up," team captain Eli Leonard told "He was just there alone. It was pretty eerie at the beginning.

"We started to get a little energized and nervous, too."

Leonard eventually approached Harbaugh and asked if he wanted to meet the team, which he did. Harbaugh ended up staying for almost the entire two-hour practice, poking his head into huddles. Afterward, he took pictures with the team, and they sang "The Victors" together.

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According to ESPN, Harbaugh threw a frisbee with the team's coach. Leonard reported that the former 49ers headman's frisbee-throwing motion was "a work in progress" and added that, "He was definitely going with [the football-throwing] motion at the beginning and we had to tone that down a little bit."

With spring drills finished, Harbaugh has lots of time to kill before summer training camp. Maybe dodgeball practice is next? 

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- Alex Putterman

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