Yankees-Mets rivalry: Subway Series teams have Twitter fight - Sports Illustrated

The Yankees-Mets rivalry is real because they traded barbs on Twitter

The Yankees and Mets battled for New York supremacy at Yankee Stadium and on Twitter Sunday night. 
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The tables have turned in the Subway Series, with the red-hot Mets looking like they might be the best team in New York this season. So of course they started a Twitter fight with the Yankees. 

The Mets refused to use their Bronx rivals' full name all weekend, using only "NY (AL)" instead. It's sort of like how Ohio State and Mississippi State only call their fiercest rivals "the school up north." The Yankees didn't take kindly to this.

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But the Mets took the rebuttal and twisted it around.

Oh, sweet burn.

The Yankees won two of the three games in the series, though, so they let NY (NL) know.

- Dan Gartland