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Arsenal supporter gives girlfriend fandom test

By Extra Mustard
April 28, 2015

One Arsenal supporter apparently decided his relationship could not continue without assurance that his girlfriend was comparably fanatical about his favorite team, assigning her a test of Gunners knowledge.

The girlfriend, evidently not fazed or demeaned by the assignment, passed the test with an 87 percent, scoring 43.5 out of a possible 50 points. Included among the comments was this haughty praise: "Well done, Saskina. As a result, I will not be dumping you (lucky you)."

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Comments also included "Learn ALL player positions" and "Tottenham are scum." Additionally, Saskina's boyfriend was underwhelmed with her explanation of why Arsenal's Alexis Sanchez is better than Chelsea's Eden Hazard.

The quiz evokes a scene from the 1982 movie Diner, in which a character's fiancée narrowly fails a test on Baltimore Colts history, prompting him to call off the marriage before eventually reversing course.

- Alex Putterman

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