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Paul Pierce is even trolling Washington Capitals' opponents

Washington Wizards forward Paul Pierce even attempted to get inside the New York Islanders' heads on Monday
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Washington Wizards forward Paul Pierce attempted to get inside the New York Islanders' heads on Monday at the Verizon Center in Washington, D.C. during their game against the Washington Capitals. While he pounded on the glass from his rink-side seat at Islanders players, it's unclear whether Pierce got in the heads of the Islanders like he did the Toronto Raptors. 

The Wizards swept the Raptors in four games amidst some taunting from both sides. 

Pierce has garnered notoriety this season for his eminent trolling of the Raptors franchise that dates back to 2014, when Pierce was a Brooklyn Net. He most recently took aim at the Raptors' team ambassador, rapper Drake, on Twitter. 

• Paul Pierce trolls Raptors after sweeping them in first round

During the 2014 NBA playoffs, Raptors GM Masai Ujiri led a chant of 'F--- Brooklyn' outside his team's Air Canada Centre before Toronto's first-round playoff series against the Nets. The NBA fined Ujiri $25,000 for his role in the profane cheer.

Before the Wizards' 2015 playoff series with Toronto, Pierce told that facing the Raptors didn't concern him because the Raptors didn't have "it."

Ujiri was fined $35,000 earlier this April after expressing sarcastic frustration that he couldn't figure out what "it" was. In the process of responding to, and thereby acknowledging and caring about, Pierce's comments, Ujiri explained to another crowd of fans outside the Air Canada Centre once more that the team "didn't give s---" about it.  

This is Pierce's first season with the Wizards. He played for the Boston Celtics for 13 seasons.