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It turns out J.J. Watt is a spot-on Arnold Schwarzenegger impersonator. 

By Extra Mustard
May 11, 2015

If the whole NFL thing doesn't work out, J.J. Watt just may have found himself a Plan B. 

The Houston Texans posted a video on Monday showing various players doing impersonations of Arnold Schwarzenegger. Watt was clearly the best of the crop, though he may have had a leg up on his teammates since the video was originally shown during his own charity event.

Still, it's clear Watt is a big fan of Schwarzenegger movies and has picked up a few things from watching them.

The video found its way to Schwarzenegger himself, who loved Watt's impersonation so much he decided to give him a special shout out.

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There you go, J.J. You may be the AP NFL Defensive Player of the Year now, but if you're ever in the market for a career change you can put "Arnold Schwarzenegger impersonator" on your short list or options.

- Molly Geary

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