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The Boston Herald calls out the haters in its Wednesday edition. 

By Extra Mustard
May 13, 2015

The New York tabloids had a field day earlier this week with Tom Brady's suspension. On Wednesday, the Boston Herald—a Boston tabloid—continued to defend the Patriots in the wake of the Ted Wells report on Deflategate. 

The paper's front page on Wednesday asks a simple question in large text: "Why do they hate us?"

In response to this question, the haters might highlight the Patriots' record of skirting NFL rules. In particular, they would likely point out that Tom Brady, the team's star player and arguably the best quarterback in the NFL (possibly ever), was determined to have likely known about footballs being illegally deflated. Brady also failed to cooperate with the Wells investigation. 

But the Boston Herald isn't having any of it. The paper says hatred for the Patriots can be boiled down to one word (or number): four. Super Bowl titles, that is.

The front page of Wednesday's paper shows four Lombardi Trophies. The page also teases stories titled "Deflategate is all about envy" and "Howling winds of jealousy." 

Your move, New York Post

- Stanley Kay

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