Friday's A.M. Clicks: Gina Antoniello; Josie Canseco For SI Swimsuit?

Sports Illustrated Friday morning Hot Clicks: Gina Antoniello is the lovely lady of the day.
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All Grown Up


Castings have begun for the 2016 SI Swimsuit Issue and my job has become a lot busier. Just yesterday, I met and shot video with nine potential swimsuit models (including two former LLODs) in a two-hour period. Don't you feel terrible for me? will profile a different model every Tuesday and Thursday, so check the site for more future SI Swimsuit models. We debuted yesterday with a familiar name—Josie Canseco—and I can't say enough good things about her. Great personality, happy to talk about her father and not bad looking either. 

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NBA Round-Up

Cleveland knocked out Chicago while Houston staged the comeback of the playoffs against the Clippers to tie the series at 3-3. Some other NBA leftovers: LeBron James owns the Bulls, at least according to Wikipedia ... The Cavs bench went wild when Kendrick Perkins buried a three-pointer (after the shot-clock buzzer went off) ... J.R. Smith celebrated the Cavs victory by taking a shot at his former team ... James gave props to the underrated Matthew Dellavedova in his postgame interview ... Questions linger around the Bulls' future as coach Tom Thibodeau's name is already being mentioned for the vacancies in New Orleans and Orlando ... His team may be eliminated and he may hate Cleveland, but Joakim Noah still has great hair ...James Harden spent the fourth quarter as a cheerleader on the Rockets bench ... Still not sure how Blake Griffin got this shot to go in. Even Kobe Bryant was impressed with Griffin (just don't call him a Clippers fan) ... I am now rooting for the Rockets to win it all so we get more videos of this fan

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Great Fake Kiss Cam Moments

On Wednesday, a couple at the Hawks-Wizards game spotted themselves on the kiss cam and embraced so passionately that the woman accidentally spilled her beer on the couple sitting in front of them. Upon further review, however, it was clearly staged. Our friends at Uproxx took this as an opportunity to compile the best fake Kiss Cam moments, including this woman and Benny the Bull.

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Lovely Lady of the Day

Gina Antoniello is not only a model, but also the director of public and community relations for the Santa Cruz Warriors. And if that's not enough, she's used to date an NBA player (Spencer Hawes). I couldn't pass up the opportunity for a quick Q&A with Gina. Also, check out a full-size gallery of her photos.

What is your role with the Warriors?

I design the year-round communications plan for Golden State’s D-league team affiliate in Santa Cruz. That includes integrated marketing communications and digital strategies to effectively communicate the brand and elevate the top-of-mind perception of the team through media coverage. The other aspects of the job include all basketball operations communications and player development. I announce trades, develop community platforms for the players, and drive execution of long lead plans campaigns like NBA Cares, just to name a few.

You teach as well?

This will be my fourth year teaching a high school summer intensive sports business program at Columbia. I’m also the p.r. and social media division head at NBA Summer League’s Front Office Combine.

No disrespect, but how do your male students react when they walk into a classroom and see that you’re their teacher?

I’ve taught about 100 17-year-old boys over the last three years. There’s the whispering and giggling, then the second round of giggling when one of them pulls up some of my modeling images on Google. It subsides quickly because I am that teacher that will just call on them to participate. Why do students think that the teacher can’t see exactly what you’re doing from the front of the classroom? Because they can.

Do you still model?

Occasionally I will. Last year I did the cover of a fitness book and I recently shot a six-page bridal editorial for a California-based lifestyle magazine.

You dated Spencer Hawes of the Clippers. Describe him in three words.

Excellent man bun.

I know your relationship ended last year. Considering your career choice and proximity, are things awkward when you see one another?

No. It was always separate. Over the span of that time we both worked to establish ourselves as professionals. We are both living, breathing “Ball is Life” folks which is a big reason why we still have a ton of respect for one another.

Favorite NBA players outside of your Warriors bias?

I’m going with my Wake Forest roots here. Easy Tim Duncan and CP3.

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Underwater Tennis Stadium

I know what you're thinking: Pro tennis would be so much better if the matches were held in an underwater stadium. Apparently, some really rich people in Dubai are thinking the same thing and trying to make it happen

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Celebs First On-Screen Appearances

Check out a young Matt Damon in Mystic Pizza and more celeb on-screen debuts.

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WAG Alert

Meet Amanda Sauer, the new girlfriend of Ryan Lochte. I see a future LLOD.

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Tony Romo Joins Twitter

Hope the Cowboys QB has thick skin.

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Lip Tattoo of the Day

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This Made Me Laugh

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One Way To Enjoy a Rain Delay

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Odds & Ends

A Cubs fan dressed himself completely in ivy for yesterday's game against the Mets ... Complex has a great piece looking at SI's "Your Sneakers or Your Life" cover story 25 years later ... Every New York Rangers fan should visit Joe the Barber ...  A soccer match in Argentina was suspended at halftime when fans sprayed the opposing team with pepper spray ... I've seen a lot of strange injuries in my time, but "stepping on hot concrete" is a new one ... Aaron Hernandez lawyers claim jury's conviction was not ‘rational' ... Rob Gronkowski's first AOL screen name was "​ChickMagnet4Lyfe​" ... Bad news for anyone who wanted to get a customized "Deflator" Patriots jersey ... Grateful Dead fans are sparing no expense for the band's final concert on July 4 weekend ... Celebrity candids from the 1990s ... Bill Murray will be David Letterman's final guest ... For those who have wondered what's underneath a casino carpet.

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50 Seconds and a Kiss

Ronda Rousey visited SI and played our new favorite game.

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Steelers Bruce Gradkowski stars in this important (mock) ad.

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The George Brett Story

The Royals legend turns 62 today. Here's the famous clip of him describing a (how do I put this delicately?) time he really needed to use the bathroom. Warning: There is cursing in both the story and the auto-tuned version of story that follows.

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The Thrill is Gone

So long to the great B.B. King.

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