Venezuelan soccer player kicked in back during live interview

Venezuelan soccer player Aquiles Ocanto was kicked in the back by a fan who leapt at him from behind while Ocanto was doing a live television interview.
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Venezuelan soccer player Aquiles Ocanto was kicked in the back by a fan who leapt at him from behind while Ocanto was doing a live television interview Thursday.

Ocanto, a player for Carabobo FC, was speaking with Meridiano Television reporter after a scoreless draw with Aragua in the Venezuelan Primera Division.

Carabobo FC said Ocanto was not hurt, adding (translated to English), "We reject such acts of violence in football."

Internet reports have been unable to confirm what happened to the attacker, who is only seen running away after his flying kick. Fortunately Ocanto is OK — this was a purely insane decision by the attacker and could have been much worse.

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Ocanto, a 26-year-old player who has one cap with the Veneuzela national team, has scored 10 goals in 31 appearances this season.

Mike Fiammetta