Watch: Rugby streaker in Superman costume suplexed by security guard

The only part we made up was liberal use of the word 'costume.'
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Sometimes you just can't make things up.

So, yes, a streaker at a French rugby match between Grenoble and Toulouse, wearing a blue mask, red cape and some matching bottoms, ran onto the field. First, he tried to steal the ball. That didn't work, so he stumbled around and dapped up a players. A slippery, NFL-style juke came next, but he was wholly unprepared for what cam next.

It was over like that, after the mystery man took a dive through the posts and an especially agile security guard caught up to him. Creativity points for the impromptu, WWE-style, modified suplex takedown.

The man was so stunned, he took off his mask as guards escorted him off the field.

Watch below, if you dare.

Jeremy Woo