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Sometimes, dreams do come true. 

By Extra Mustard
May 19, 2015

Sometimes, dreams do come true. 

In 2002, Milwaukee Bucks basketball database manager Daniel Marks invited Jason Kidd, then a point-guard with the New Jersey Nets, to his birthday party. Kidd, understandably, couldn't make it. 

But 14 years later their paths have crossed in the Bucks organization, where Kidd is now the head coach. He stopped by Marks's birthday, which featured a custom cake whose frosting concisely laid out the situation:

"Daniel," the frosting read, "After 14 years JKidd can celebrate your birthday with you."

Marks showed Kidd the letter, in which he addresses Kidd as Jason "Da Bomb" Kidd , earlier this year. Kidd signed it for him. 


Jason Kidd is the new Bucks coach. I wrote him this letter 13 years ago

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Once a fan, always a fan.

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