Barack Obama paused a Twitter Q&A on Thursday to share his thoughts on the upcoming NBA Finals.

By Extra Mustard
May 28, 2015

Barack Obama paused a Twitter Q&A about climate change on Thursday to share his thoughts on the NBA, including the firing of Bulls coach Tom Thibodeau.

Amid thoughts about the Trans-Pacific Partnership and drilling in the Arctic, the president responded to a tweet that asked, "the climate is great, how do you feel about the firing of coach Tom Thibodeau?" The president's response, "love thibs and think he did a great job. Sorry to see him go but expect he will be snatched up soon by another team."

Obama also responded to a question about J.R. Smith and Steph Curry. A Twitter user asked, "Can JR Smith out shoot Steph Curry and lead the Cavs to the championship?" to which Obama responded, "jr smith having a great season but the heart of the Cavs is Lebron. And no one can outshoot Curry - maybe Korver if wide open."

President Obama is well-established as a legitimate basketball fan and is therefore wise enough to know that Nathen here is, perhaps jokingly, giving a little too much credit to JR Smith. Bonus points to the POTUS for the unsolicited analysis of the league's best shooter.

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- Alex Putterman

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