Tulane and UNC-Wilmington baseball players who were stuck in a delayed start to their regional playoff came up with some games to keep themselves entertained.

By Extra Mustard
June 01, 2015

The NCAA held the regional round of its National Championship baseball tournament over the weekend and the inclement weather that hit a large part of the country kept Tulane and UNC-Wilmington stuck in an extended delay.

The players decided not to let a little bit of foul weather keep them from having fun, so they came up with some games to keep themselves entertained.

UNC-Wilmington's team put on a WWE-style wrestling show in front of the dugout, including an impersonation of The Rock that ended with a devastating People's Elbow, and also came out on top on an inter-squad tic-tac-toe game played on a baseball thrown between the dugouts.

Over on the Tulane side of the field, the team rigged up a mini hoop and held a fiercely fought free-throw contest.

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