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A young Tigers fan went on a roller coaster of emotions after catching an A's grand slam. 

By Extra Mustard
June 03, 2015

When you're a youngster, catching a home run ball is one of the highlights of your life. But if you're a die-hard fan of a certain team and you snag a home run ball that was hit by the other team, things can take a wild turn.

That was the case for 8-year-old JD Schilp on Tuesday night. 

JD was sitting in right field with his Detroit Tigers leading the Oakland Athletics 3–1 in the top of the eighth. The A's Ben Zobrist came up to the plate with the bases loaded, where he blasted a grand slam to right to give Oakland a 5–3 lead.

The ball landed in the glove of JD, who was immediately elated to have caught a home run and lifted his arms in celebration. But he quickly realized that the home run he caught meant the Tigers were now losing, and from there his emotions went from joy to pure heartbreak.

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In the end JD's beloved Tigers couldn't recvover from the grand slam, but he still got to have a sweet interview with

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