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Syracuse offers football scholarship to baby of alum, broadcaster

Syracuse offered a football scholarship to the 1-month-old son of alumnus and sportscoaster Adam Schein.

Undoubtedly beating countless other schools to the punch, Syracuse offered a football scholarship to Theo Schein on Friday. Theo is the 1-month-old son of Adam Schein, a Syracuse alum and broadcaster for CBS Sports and SiriusXM.

Schein revealed the kind gesture from Syracuse football coach Scott Shafer on his Instagram page, noting, “Theo Schein will see you in 2032!”

Shafer, who has been Syracuse’s coach since 2013, sent the scholarship notice last month.

“It is my pleasure to inform you that we are extending you a full football scholarship to attend Syracuse University beginning in August 2032,” Shafer’s letter reads. “The coaching staff and I believe the academic, athletic and personal pedigree blessed upon you by your parents Adam & Katie make you an excellent fit for Syracuse University and the Orange Football Family.

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“Per NCAA rules, the full scholarship will cover tuition and registration fees, text books and course related fees, and room and board. It will not cover diapers, blankets, bottles or other necessities for your upcoming developmental years. This scholarship is subject to you meeting: (1) all NCAA eligibility requirements (2) all the admission requirements for Syracuse University and (3) at a minimum height of 6’1'” and weight of 200 lbs.”

Don’t worry—we’ve set a reminder to see how tall Theo is come 2032.


Mike Fiammetta