Noted Blackhawks supporter CM Punk questioned Hulk Hogan's Lightning fandom, but Hulk got the last laugh.

By Eric Single
June 08, 2015

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Hulk Hogan 2, CM Punk 1

Game 3 of the Stanley Cup Final in Chicago had no shortage of drama even before professional wrestlers got involved. Noted Blackhawks supporter CM Punk questioned Hulk Hogan's Lightning fandom in a fiery tirade at the United Center on Monday night, but Hulk had the last laugh after Tampa Bay escaped with a 3–2 win:

Whatever we did to deserve a hockey-based wrestling feud, it's probably time to count our blessings and grab more popcorn. Elsewhere in celebrity hockey fandom, Charles Barkley picked up the tab for the Lightning coaching staff and front office at his favorite Chicago steakhouse on Sunday night. Lightning goalie Ben Bishop is clearly injured, but coach Jon Cooper attributed his hobbled attempts to get up from the ice after several saves to the fact that tall people just aren't as nimble as the rest of the world. In a game with a few ugly goals, this Ryan Callahan tally off a crackling slap shot was a beauty, and it set the stage for this awesome photo from Bruce Bennett.

Bruce Bennett/Pool photo via AP

Give Us A Little Credit, Australia

The U.S. is on the board and in the win column at the FIFA Women's World Cup thanks to Megan Rapinoe's brilliance and Hope Solo's reflexes, but it was far from a perfect performance for the tournament favorites, and Australia's official team website was happy to tell you about it.

The U.S.'s 3–1 win wasn't the most exciting game of the day in its World Cup group. Nigeria scored a late equalizer against heavily favored Sweden to cap off a back-and-forth 3–3 draw, and its coach was pretty grateful.

Somewhere In Middle America

The eight-team field for the College World Series in Omaha is finally set, but it took plenty of extra baseball to decide it on a wild final day of Super Regional action. TCU needed 16 innings (and a lot of hats) to put away Texas A&M ...

Cal State Fullerton stunned Louisville on a home run that might've been foul ...

And Vanderbilt had itself quite the 15 minutes, clinching its Super Regional in Illinois and then going nuts a second time moments later as shortstop Dansby Swanson was selected with the first pick in the MLB draft.

Lovely Lady of the Day

Speaking of the defending baseball national champions, Logan Browning enrolled as a student at Vanderbilt the semester after Tigers ace David Price left Nashville for the pros. The actress celebrates her 26th birthday today and earns this morning's LLOD honors. (Check out Logan's full-size gallery here.)

Toys from the '80s that are going for a fortune on eBay

I'd drop $100 for a fully functional Lite-Brite, too.

Happy Birthday, Ye

Kim Kardashian rented out the Staples Center for Kanye's birthday, and John Wall made an appearance.

Deflategate, NBA Edition

How NBA basketballs are made, and how NBA stars (looking right at you, Shaq) have doctored them over the years.

What's In A Beer Name?

How some of your favorite breweries got their names.

Pat Venditte's Even Cooler Than I Thought

Pretty Sure This Should Be A Jump Ball

Apple's CEO Pays The Indians Bullpen's Ransom

Looks like Brandon Moss is going to get his 100th home run ball after all, thanks to Tim Cook.

Sweet Classroom Whiteboard Art

Artist, date: Unknown, circa fourth period. Medium: Expo marker.

Odds & Ends

If you're interested in advertising your Browns fandom to the world, do we have an RV for you, you poor soul ... There are worse consequences for losing a bet than getting your hair cut to look like a pineapple ... Bettors left $315,829 at the Belmont Stakes in the form of $3.50 winning bets on American Pharoah. Chalk it up to horseshoe-leather costs, perhaps? ... UConn and UCF are football rivals now, whether you (or UCF) like it or not ... Robots falling over set to WWE commentary ... This guy did the same dance in 100 places, an unwitting homage to my high school career ... In between periods of Game 3, top American NHL draft prospect Jack Eichel gave Canadian treasure Don Cherry a USA Hockey golf shirt ... After crushing the American Ninja Warrior course her first time through, 100-pound gymnast Kacy Catanzaro couldn't quite repeat the feat.

Can Michael Jordan Palm It?

No explanation as to why MJ is at a golf course for this game, but he never needs an excuse to be golfing.

Fly Ball ... Caught

If you've never snagged a foul ball before, this fan who wore a GoPro to a minor league game can get you the whole experience without the sore hand.


If you're still coming down from the soccer high of the women's national team's big win in Winnipeg on Monday, wish a happy birthday to German striker Miroslav Klose by watching all 16 of his World Cup goals, the most by any player in history. 


If 6 Was 9

Some date-appropriate Jimi Hendrix to set the table for a nice day.


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