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Here are 10 videos that prove why tug-of-war would be an awesome Olympic sport.

By Extra Mustard
June 12, 2015

Organizers for the 2020 Summer Olympics announced Friday that tug-of-war was one of 26 sports that applied to be included in that year's Tokyo Games. Tug of war is among the sports vying for a slot at the 2020 Games. 

Memo to the International Olympic Committee: Please make this happen. 

You might be skeptical about tug of war's place at the Olympic Games, but a simple YouTube search may convince you to feel differently. Tug of war is actually awesome. And it often ends in ridiculous fails that cause a lot of people to fall to the ground. 

President Obama met Nationals' racing presidents

We've scoured YouTube to find some of the most epic tug of war videos on the internet, including some of the biggest fails we've seen. Here's a sampling: 

- Stanley Kay

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