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Watch: J.R. Smith rides out of NBA Finals on his PhunkeeDuck

After a tough loss, J.R. Smith left the NBA Finals on his PhunkeeDuck scooter.

It was a tough night in Cleveland, as a season that began so joyfully with the return of LeBron James ended in a short-handed defeat to the Warriors in the NBA Finals. 

James did his best to lead a squad of ex-Knicks and a fleeting Australian hero to the title, but in the end it just wasn't enough to overcome Stephen Curry and company. 

One of those ex-Knicks, J.R. Smith, was looking for his first career NBA title.

The loss was surely a tough pill to swallow for Smith, but he was able to keep his head up afterwards ... while riding his PhunkeeDuck scooter, just as he did before Game 4.

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