Mike Francesa is here to explain what an emoji is

New York radio host Mike Francesa helped explain emojis after DeMarcus Cousins's cryptic tweet. 
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Emojis are all the rage this week. First DeMarcus Cousins sent a cryptic three-emoji tweet apparently referencing the trade rumors about him, then New York radio host Mike Francesa took a minute to discuss digital media on Monday's show.

There's a new ad on Francesa's program this week for Chevy, in which the 61-year-old host asks, “Think you speak emoji?” The new promo has some of Francesa's less technologically-inclined listeners pretty confused. 

“I keep on hearing yesterday and all day today the stupid emoji, or whatever?” one caller said. “What the heck is that? Is that something to do with the Twitter?”

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“What is an emoji?” Francesa replies incredulously, before struggling to explain what it is. “It's a little thing on your computer. Like a little guy, like, uh, if you get, if somebody sends you a message. Do you have a text message? When someone sends you, like a thumbs up or something like that? You know how someone does that? That's an emoji.”

Thanks to the guy who spent nearly a minute silently looking up stats on his phone for clearing that up. 

- Dan Gartland