NBA draft fans marvel at Adrian Wojnarowski’s Twitter game

NBA fans had a blast on Twitter during Thursday night’s draft, particularly when it came to reporter Adrian Wojnarowski’s lightning-fast reporting.
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As NBA draft staples go, Adrian Wojnarowski’s Twitter game is one of the most entertaining—if not polarizing.

Some fans would prefer not to see the Yahoo! Sports reporter affectionately known as “Woj” spoiling picks by tweeting them before they’re announced on TV, but the majority seem to marvel at his ability to gather reliable, well-sourced info and get it out on Twitter fast enough to remain several picks ahead of the broadcast.

Woj reached spectaular new heights on Thursday, when he apparently informed New York Knicks draft pick Kristaps Porzingis of his selection before Porzingis himself had found out.

The same happened with Cameron Payne and the Oklahoma City Thunder:

It really is a crazy phenomenon, a product of the Internet age.

Let’s see how fans watching form home enjoyed Woj’s tweets.