Mets' Steven Matz eats at hometown deli, doesn't order 'Matz' sandwich

The owner of Se-Port Deli in East Setauket, N.Y., recently named a sandwich after Mets pitcher Steven Matz. But when the 24-year-old rookie stopped by the deli on Monday, he didn't order his namesake menu item.
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Wisam Dakwar, owner of Se-Port Deli in East Setauket, N.Y., has seen a spike in sales thanks to a sandwich he named after recent New York Mets prodigy Steven Matz.

The rookie pitched 7 2/3 innings in his Major League debut Sunday and allowed two runs in the Mets' 7-3 victory over the Cincinnati Reds. He also went 3-for-3 at the plate and knocked in four runs.

But when Matz himself stopped by the deli on Monday, at what was presumably the height of the sandwich's popularity, he opted for a different hero, reports Newsday.

The rookie, who was visiting Se-Port during the Mets' off-day with his teammate Jacob deGrom, opted for the "Boone" instead of the "Matz."

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"That's the most standard one, so that's what I went with," Matz told Newsday. "But it's cool to have my own hero. It's been up there for a while."

The Matz has been on the menu since the Stony Brook-native signed with the Mets in 2009.

"We've sold a lot of 'Matz' today," Dakwar said Monday. "I've just been hearing it all day -- Matz, Matz, Matz."

Matz's next start is scheduled to come against the Los Angeles Dodgers on July 5.

New York is 40–37 this season and sit two games behind the Washington Nationals in the National League East Division.

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