Vince Wilfork's daughter met J.J. Watt on Saturday, fulfilling a promise Wilfork made to her when he signed with Houston.

By Extra Mustard
August 01, 2015

Defensive tackle Vince Wilfork had to find a new home after his team of 11 years, the New England Patriots, declined his option over the off-season, and that new home wound up being the Houston Texans.

Not everyone was on board with Wilfork heading to Houston, however, as his daughter Destiny apparently was not happy. So Destiny made her dad promise her one thing if she was going to have to move to Texas: she had to meet J.J. Watt.  

Wilfork's promise was fulfilled on Saturday, as his wife, Bianca, shared an adorable photo of Watt and Destiny together. And it turns out Watt, being the good guy that he is, had even sent Destiny a special video prior to their meeting to hold her over until she got to Houston.

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​- Molly Geary

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