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Sometimes video games are a little too real.

By SI Wire
August 07, 2015

Sometimes video games are a little too real.

As our console-based pastimes inch closer and closer to reality, not even good old sports games are safe from these avatars mimicking their real-life counterparts to somewhat uncomfortably close degrees.

NBA champion and reigning MVP Stephen Curry of the Golden State Warriors is the latest to be immortalized to said degree. One of NBA 2K16's cover athletes, Curry has received the royal treatment when it comes to digital mapping—from the script written on his UnderArmour signature sneakers to his ankle braces to his free throw routine to...the mouthguard. In his mouth.

...Yeah. It's a little weird. 

All hail our video game overlords.

On a related note, can't you kind of imagine Curry's kids using mouthguards instead of binkies?

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