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The Washington Nationals have new chocolate-covered Max Scherzer t-shirts. 

By Extra Mustard
August 07, 2015

Early in the season, when the Washington Nationals were celebrating big wins by dousing their players in chocolate sauce, Hershey’s sent them 132 bottles of the stuff. The Nats have cooled off (13–17 in July and August), so this isn’t exactly the perfect time for the team to release a new chocolate-covered T-shirt.

But the team is selling chocolate-drizzled Max Scherzer and Bryce Harper shirseys in the team store, and The Washington Post got a look at them.

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Fernando Rodney hung out in the forest before blowing the game

Harper got the chocolate treatment on May 9 after hitting a walk-off home run to beat the Braves, while Scherzer got showered after his no-hitter in June.

There hasn’t been a chocolate celebration in quite a while, though, not since Ian Desmond got soaked after hitting a walk-off sacrifice fly on June 24. -- Dan Gartland



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