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Jim Harbaugh has an impressive recruiting trick up his sleeve, according to one commentor on Michigan’s official alumni website.

By Extra Mustard
August 10, 2015

Jim Harbaugh has an impressive recruiting trick up his sleeve, according to one commentor on Michigan’s official alumni website.

In an article announcing an upcoming Q&A with the new Wolverines coach, one man tells the story of how Harbaugh came to recruit his friend's son to come to Stanford and ended up serving as the family babysitter for the night reports "@Ted Dodenhoff."

A friend whose son was recruited by Harbaugh to go to Stanford told me the night Harbaugh came to the house to sit down with the family the father(my friend) and mother were on the way out the door to the hospital to deliver their 7th child and had no baby sitter. Coach said " I'll handle it", prepared dinner for the kids , tucked them in , and cleaned up the house. The father returned at 11PM, sat down with his son and Coach Harbaugh and sealed the deal. The kid was All American at Stanford and now plays for the Redskins. There is a real man under that hard exterior.

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There is currently only one player on the Redskins who played for Stanford, and that is offensive lineman Trent Murphy, who was indeed recruited under Harbaugh and later became an All-America. His younger brother, Connor, who is now a four-star recruit, shared a similar story earlier this summer.

It is somewhat shocking that a man who once poured Gatorade over a bowl of cereal could be a competent babysitter, but then again Jim Harbaugh is full of surprises.


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