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Tom Brady’s bizarre courtroom sketch destroyed the internet

The artist's sketch of Tom Brady in his Wednesday court hearing rapidly became a viral meme.

After Tom Brady appeared in court for his settlement hearing regarding his upheld four-game suspension and the Deflategate scandal, an artist’s rendering of Brady in the court room came out looking not all that much like the Patriots quarterback.

The internet is dark and full of savages who quickly opened up Photoshop and went to work, utilizing Brady’s bizarrely-drawn mug to add a layer of hilarity to an already bizarre saga.

First, here’s the original.

The courtroom sketch artist, Jane Rosenberg, later told The Boston Globe that she was not bothered by the reactions to her Brady sketch.

“I don’t tend to flatter people and make them look beautiful,” she said.

“At least they can figure out which one is Tom Brady. That’s good, whether he looks good or bad. It’s not just a stick figure of a nobody.”

Below is a smattering of the most entertaining Photoshops of the sketch.

We also tried. 

Jeremy Woo