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Sports Illustrated's S.L. Price learned some interesting details about Yankees GM Brian Cashman while doing a story for a recent issue of the magazine. 

By Extra Mustard
August 18, 2015

New York Yankees general manager Brian Cashman almost fought someone while completely naked. 

That story is among the many quirky anecdotes in a feature about Cashman in this week's Sports Illustrated. The profile, written by S.L. Price, details Cashman's rise to general manager of the Yankees, and what shaped him along the way. 

Included in the story is an anecdote about a high-school aged Cashman, who was trying desperately to make the Georgetown Prep football team despite never having played a down in his life before high school.

One day, some teammates decided to mess with Cashman in the locker room, yanking off his towel and snapping it against his body. Cashman's friend, Larry Rocca, described the scene as such: 

"Completely naked, veins bulging. They're fully clothed, and he's ready to fight them both."

Lest you think a man who is ready to fight two football players while completely naked doesn't have a lighter side, Price found Cashman has some range. 

Cashman told SI he considers himself a prankster, explaining to Price as the two prepared to leave his office:

"I'll walk you out and you'll see," Cashman said. "I got a fart machine out in the hallway." 

The full profile is in this week's magazine. 

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