Tuesday's A.M. Hot Clicks: lovely lady of the day Bar Paly; Lite Brite Meets Russian Hockey  

By Andy Gray
August 24, 2015

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Lite Brite Meets Hockey

Your move, NHL. 

Grateful Dead Nights Invade Baseball

If you read Hot Clicks, you know I love the Grateful Dead (unlike my musically-challenged predecessor Jimmy, whose favorite band is Bon Jovi). So I feel it's my duty to inform you that the Red Sox announced that they will hold a Grateful Dead Night on Sept 21. This brings the total to four teams that will celebrate the Bay Area band on its 50th anniversary. The others are St. Louis (Sept. 2), Cincinnati (Sept. 4) and San Francisco (which held its version on Aug. 13). 

Ian Poulter Shows No Mercy

Ian Poulter, who is currently ranked No. 59 in the FedEx Standings, took his three young kids to a mini-golf course and obliterated them. He's the Kevin Durant of golf, but with his own kids.

Lovely Lady of the Day


Love Triangle

Not sure why Lolo Jones threw so much shade at Drake and Serena Williams, but there appears to be more to this story than we know.

Paging Little League World Series Fans

Sportsgrid compiled the seven best screengrabs in LLWS history.

George Clooney Photobomb

Singing the ACL Blues

John Cena Gets Revenge on Jon Stewart

Bust a Move

Odds & Ends

Soldiers surprising their loved ones ... Plaxico Burress blasted Cris Carter and his "fall guy" speech ... Fourteen NFL stars re-imagined as emojis ... The Russian national hockey team was fined for leaving the ice before the Canadian National Anthem ... The college football AP Top 25 (in cheerleader galleries) ... The Lakers are considering bringing back Metta World Peace ... The Mets set a franchise record with eight home runs Monday night ... Greg Oden is big in China ... Odell Beckham Jr. will soon have his own line of ROAR performance sports drinks ... Another impressive field goal trick shot ... 218 babies were named Anakin in 2014 ... This dog is stuck in a hedge and couldn't be happier about it ... The first member of the new Dancing With the Stars cast was announced and it's someone I haven't thought about in years ... First look at the new emojis coming out next year ... Scientists are now putting tiny backpacks on honey bees ... 25 facts you didn't know about Disney Parks. 

Six Ball Walk

Can someone wake up home plate umpire Tom Hallion?

Punt Return of the Day

One of the crazier plays you'll see, courtesy of Hawaiian high school squads from Kahuku and Kaiser. (H/T Next Impulse Sports

Fifty Great James Bond Quotes (and one Finding Forrester one)

I can't think of a better way to honor Sean Connery's 85th birthday. 


Franklin's Tower

Since I mentioned the Grateful Dead earlier, I'd be foolish not to link up one of their videos.

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