Wednesday's A.M. Hot Clicks: lovely lady of the day Blake Lively; J.J. Watt Delivers Epic Speech

By Andy Gray
August 25, 2015

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"Off the Field, We're Good as Dudes. On the Field, We're the Baddest F***ing Team on the Planet"

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​Lolo Jones posted a must-see Instagram photo with the caption, "Reason I will always be rejected for Sports Illustrated SwimSuit Magazine. #weNeedYouToGetYourHairWet #nah #frizzyFro #MixedChickProblems #yesThatwasWhy #nothingtoDoWithMyswimsuitACup." Good news, I've passed this photo to the swimsuit editors and who knows what will happen next. Also, does everyone know that shooting for the 2016 issue has begun?

Serena and Drake 4eva

Look at the lovebirds make lovebird eyes at one another.

Lovely Lady of the Day


One Way to Hype a Boxing Match

Boxing press conferences often lead to skirmishes, as was the case Tuesday during a press conference for Saturday's fight between Ricardo Mayorga and Shane Mosley. Though I've never seen one started over one fighter slapping the butt of another fighter's girlfriend. 

Welcome to Campus Rush

SI has a new section, Campus Rush, dedicated to the intersection of college football and campus life. Among the daily features will be Campus Clicks, which is just like Hot Clicks but focused on college football. Also, since i haven't asked in a while, please send any complaints/praise/suggestions/whatever about Hot Clicks to me at This is a section for you, so if there's anything I can do to improve, let me know.

Doug Martin Hates Muscle Hamster Nickname

Red + Red = Confusion

Celebrating a Double

Bat Trick Guy Shows Off Tricks

Odds & Ends

Got an idea for a funny sports photo? Send us the idea and we'll draw it for you ... Dez Bryant appears on the new cover of Rolling Stone​ ... Steelers fans aren't exactly pleased with the Mike Vick signing ... Tim Tebow says he isn’t worrying about whether he makes the Eagles roster. I call BS on that ... The most unique contracts in NBA history ... This young Ohio State fan is worried that heart surgery will make him love the Wolverines ... IndyCar's Justin Wilson donated organs to six people following his tragic death ... Robinson Cano became the first player in MLB history with 11 straight 30-double seasons to start a career ... Study: NFL players arrested less often than general population ... American Pharoah jockey Victor Espinoza has joined the Dancing with the Stars cast ... What top comedians (Amy Schumer, Aziz Ansari) get paid for college gigs ... Cecil the Lion is now a Halloween costume (and people aren't happy about it) ... The Kangaroo Apocalypse has arrived ... J.J. Abrams says Nazis inspired the new Star Wars villains ... What do all Owen Wilson movie roles have in common?

Von Miller Dance Party

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At practice like... #napoleondynamite

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Fly-Through: Mercedes-Benz Stadium

A look at the new home of the Atlanta Falcons.

Dog in Hot Tub

We should all be this happy.

You Oughta Know

Taylor Swift invited Alanis Morrisette on stage to sing her '90s classic.

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