Jeremy Maclin argued with ESPN's Matthew Berry over the meaning of fantasy football.   

By Extra Mustard
August 29, 2015

While some NFL receivers are getting into the whole fantasy football thing, others are decidedly not. 

Kansas City Chiefs wideout Jeremy Maclin took to Twitter on Saturday to air out some frustrations over fantasy players. 

Maclin started with, “It amazes me how "Fantasy Football" is the only football that some of you know. It's sad. News flash for yall: I don't give a damn about ur "Fantasy" football team. #ChiefsKingdom,” which is a perfectly fine take. The dude just wants some fans who only care about the team.

But you can't slip this by ESPN's Matthew Berry, a “Senior Fantasy Analyst” whose entire livelihood is kind of staked to this whole fantasy football thing: 

Translation: Hey! Don't insult my life's work of telling people how to run their fake football team!

Berry doubled down, expressing his disappointment over Maclin's thoughts. 

Maclin told Berry to stay out of his pockets: “you of all ppl should know what my tweet is about what a team achieves. You taking it way too far talking about my salary etc.”

Then Maclin hit Berry with the existential question of fantasy football:

What are we even doing on this planet, guys? Let's just all be friends. 



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