Packers WR Jordy Nelson surprises fans at fantasy football draft

Green Bay Packers wide receiver Jordy Nelson surprised some fans at their fantasy football draft. 
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Jordy Nelson has some time on his hands after his reported ACL tear will keep him out for the season. 

It appears the Green Bay Packers wide receiver is using that time like a lot of us will be: playing fantasy football. 

O.K., so Nelson may not be entering his office fantasy league. But he did surprise some fans at a Wisconsin sports bar by showing up to their fantasy draft, and even helping one of the players pick his team.

Fox 11 Online has the details

"It was absolutely amazing," said [Zac] Casey. "I was just listening to [Nelson], I thought there was a huge thing where I couldn't hear anything at all and all of a sudden Jordy comes in, I was just amazed."

Nelson helped Casey draft his first five players.

"It was fun, really the first time I delved into a fantasy draft and been a part of one," said Nelson.

"He told me to pick Eddie Lacy," said Casey. "I tried getting Davante Adams, but somebody took him before me."

Nelson seems like a cool guy and all, but he's not much of a fantasy player. You can't just pick all of your favorite players. Although if Nelson helped someone nab Aaron Rodgers, he's off to a good start.