Brewers tab ‘former Brewer’ Wilmer Flores for Ice Bucket Challenge

Brewers manager Craig Counsell is ready to make jokes about Wilmer Flores.
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It's been a tough season for the Milwaukee Brewers, but manager Craig Counsell still has jokes.

Counsell, who looks younger in this video than he did in his playing days, took on the Ice Bucket Challenge on Friday. Of course, if you take the challenge, you then choose someone else to keep the chain going. Counsell, ever the humorist in these dark times, chose the Mets' Wilmer Flores.

Flores, you may remember, was almost a Brewer at the MLB trade deadline. The trade was widely reported before it actually became final. That's why you saw Flores crying on the field, and why Counsell calls him a “former Brewer” in this video. The sausages were also a nice touch: