Tuesday's P.M. Hot Clicks takes a look at the celebrities who attended the U.S. Open final and features Brittany Binger as lovely lady of the day.

By Andy Gray
September 15, 2015

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Celebs at the U.S. Open Final

Find out which other celebs were on hand for the Novak Djokovic-Roger Federer match. 

Aaron Rodgers: Smarter Than an Astronaut

Greg Bishop profiles Aaron Rodgers in a cover story for the latest issue of SI and reveals (among other things) that he is smarter than an astronaut

Guitar Hero

In case you need more proof that hockey players are the best, along comes Ryan Hollweg, who plays in the Czech professional hockey. After a recent game, Hollweg went to the locker room, grabbed his guitar and played a solo version of Free Fallin' for the crowd. If only Randy Johnson had been on hand to play drums.

P.M. Lovely Lady of the Day


This is Something You Don't Read About Everyday

I think the less I say about this story, the better.

Eau de Barbecue

Here's a collection of the most bizarre fragrances ever created. Did you know Pizza Hut had a cologne?

I Cut Jim Harbaugh's Hair

Our Michigan correspondent, Max Cohen, caught up with Bill Stollberg, the man who cuts Jim Harbaugh's hair. Spoiler:  Harbaugh likes "a nice high fade, combs over to the left."

This Week's SI Cover

Need This Shirt

Poor Wes Welker

Odds & Ends

Hulk Hogan opened up about the charges of racism levied against him and how he's found an unlikely ally in Bret Hart ... The Redskins are letting season-ticket holders attempt field goals ... Want Steve Smith to trash talk some of your friends? Here's how to do it ... 30 greatest gimmick matches in WWE history ...  Runners are the worst (and here's a six-page thread to prove it) ... The 2015 NFL All-Bro Team ... History of the ESPN NFL Primetime soundtrack ...There's a White House petition to overturn Nick Diaz's suspension ... ​Vulture has a handy guide to all the fall TV premiere dates ... Everything to know about Apple's new iPhone's software.

South Park Tackles Tom Brady

The 19th season of the hit show will take on Deflategate. Here's a short preview.


Longest Fumble Ever

Madden 16 decided to drive people insane with this nine-minute fumble glitch.

One Reason to Attend Iowa State

You might be able to meet this young lady. (H/T Bob's Blitz)


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