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Watch this Madden NFL 16 glitch that features a nine-minute fumble.

By Extra Mustard
September 15, 2015

For years, mothers across the world have been telling their children that they spend too much time playing Madden. Here’s a typical conversation:

“Honey, dinner is ready!”

“OK Mom, just gimme a sec!”

*Ten minutes pass*

“Mom, I’m playing career mode, I just need to finish this game!”

“You can pause it!!”

“No I can’t! Cam Newton fumbled and I’ve been trying to recover the ball for nine minutes!”

...wait, what? That’s not a typical issue. Kid, a nine-minute fumble? Do you need to go to the hospital?

As it turns out, someone actually did need to sit through nine minutes of never-ending pain as they waited for a loose football to roll out of bounds.

The best part of this video is probably the jumbotron, which proudly flashes an exciting Carolina Panthers animation for the duration of the video. A few months from now, it could turn out to be an accurate depiction of their season.

Thankfully, this user didn’t hit reset on the game console, and taped the entire incident for our viewing pleasure.

This has happened before.


- Kenny Ducey

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