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Taylor Swift’s concert tour is, unsurprisingly, a huge hit. 

By Extra Mustard
September 16, 2015

Forbes reports Wednesday private nose-blower Taylor Swift is selling so many tickets for her “1989” concert tour, the average, secondary market Swift ticket sells for more money than some NFL tickets in the same stadium.

To this we say: Duh.

For example, tickets for Swift’s show in Atlanta’s Georgia Dome have an average price of $746.83. The top-priced Atlanta Falcons game costs only (gasp!) $188.18, according to Forbes.

So has Taylor Swift taken over the NFL? I mean, maybe? But this doesn’t exactly prove that hypothesis. Atlanta residents have eight chances every single year to see a Falcons game. For Swift, Atlanta residents will have maybe two chances a year at most.

And of course, if you miss the concert, you can’t watch it at home on the comfort of your recliner like an NFL game.

We won’t deny Swift’s dominance as a pop force. We will deny the idea her ticket prices at NFL stadiums reveals some larger trend about how America feels about Swift vs. the NFL.

Anyway, watch this vine of Swift and Russell Wilson dancing uncomfortably: 



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