Here are the best signs from ESPN College Gameday’s visit to Tuscaloosa.

By Extra Mustard
September 19, 2015

ESPN’s College Gameday is in Tuscaloosa, AL this morning ahead of the No. 2 Alabama’s matchup against No. 15 Ole Miss at 9:15 p.m.

The Crimson Tide really want this one, judging by both their signs and by their professors.

An Alabama professor canceled class on Friday, bracing for Saturday’s big game, and assigned a handwritten essay to be completed over the weekend.

Perhaps in the future students could get credit for their College Gameday signs.

Last week, Michigan State’s signs featured Meek Mill, Colin Cowherd and Kanye West. This week, we’ve moved on to politicians and pop stars.

This is ... this is harsh.

Two terrific signs.

Presidential candidate Deez Nuts is in the house!

1963: The last time Ole Miss won the SEC.

Everyone knows The View is trash, right?

A wild Hillary sign appeared.

Bama fans don’t seem to like Trump, either.

This is a wonderful screengrab. Maury made it! So did George Costanza!

Shoot your shot, kid.

Well he kind of was, right?

Points to the kid who made this one. Points.


We’re still dissing Bieber in 2015.

I personally enjoyed this SpongeBob reference.

Jacksonville State!

And what would a sign roundup be without a good old WHAT ARE THOOOOSE!?

- Kenny Ducey

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