Miami Heat Twitter account trolls LeBron James

The Miami Heat Twitter account can troll with the best of them. 
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While Dwyane Wade and LeBron James continue to play nice on Instagram, the Miami Heat’s official Twitter account pulls no punches. 

That’s right, the Heat’s social media jockey is out here reminding people James is gone AND forgotten in Miami. Look at this savage tweet:

James, you’ll remember, wore No. 6 in Miami, where he won his only two championships. But instead of using James, the Heat used Mario Chalmers—the former No. 6, the REAL No. 6—back when he rocked the number before LeBron.

You may remember Chalmers from the NBA Finals, when in the midst of LeBron’s cramps, he closed out a Game 4 of the 2012 Finals with his clutch performance down the stretch, earning him a very NSFW nickname

This is a much better troll than say, the Cleveland Cavaliers, who two years ago, picked Tyrone Corbin as the best No. 23 in team history, much to the amusement of Wade:


The Heat and Cavs will square off early in the upcoming NBA season on Oct. 30, and the social media feuds will be settled once and for all. 

– Rohan Nadkarni