World is round, grass is green, Gregg Popovich hates questions

Gregg Popovich is in midseason form during NBA Media Day. 
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San Antonio Spurs coach Gregg Popovich is one of the greatest coaches of our time. 

Look at the teams he’s vanquished over his career—the Shaq and Kobe Lakers, LeBron’s Cavs, the mid-2000s Pistons, LeBron’s Heat. Popovich has bonded with Tim Duncan to form one of the greatest coach-superstar combos of all time.

But he won't be remembered for that. Nah, he’ll be remembered for ethering and dropping flex bombs on hapless reporters. And that’s exactly what Pop was up to during the Spurs media day, this time targeting NBA TV’s Jared Greenberg.

Greenberg didn’t realize (and how could he?) Pop was joking around. Pop just wouldn’t hear it when Greenberg asked harmless questions about beards and team chemistry. And the terror in Greenberg’s face is an all too familiar feeling for reporters dealing with Pop.

Look at this poor guy:


He is questioning everything in this moment. Why didn’t I go to that small liberal arts school?Am I happy?What have we done to each other? Does she also ever think about that one summer?

Pop finally let up at the end, and let Greenberg conduct his interview in relative peace. But the damage was probably done. Check out the whole video here: