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Poll: Cubs are America’s playoff team, Rodgers better than Brady

Public Policy Polling is asking the important questions.

Public Policy Polling is asking the important questions.

In a new survey released Tuesday, the organization determined where Americans stand on the Affordable Care Act, Citizens United and the Pope.

More importantly, though, it asked Americans about sports.

15% of the country is rooting for the Chicago Cubs to win the World Series this postseason, compared to 11% supporting the Yankees before elimination and just 3% rooting for the Blue Jays. According to the poll, Democrats are siding more with the Cubs, and Republicans tend to like the Yankees.

The organization also asked whether or not Tom Brady was better than Aaron Rodgers.

In a tight vote, Rodgers (34%) beat out Brady (32%). 34% of Americans said they did not know.

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Also, the poll said, 70% of Democrats like Serena Williams, while just 39% of Republicans do.

Still no word yet on whether Joe Flacco is an elite quarterback.

- Kenny Ducey