Monday's A.M. Hot Clicks examines why Mike Leach is so confused and features Michelle Keegan as lovely lady of the day. 

By Andy Gray
October 12, 2015

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Ask Mike Leach

Confucius once said, "Life is really simple, but we insist on making it complicated." After Washingon State coach Mike Leach provided one of the most entertaining video clips of the year, we couldn't help but pose some of life's more existential questions in his manner so as to gauge the response. 

NFL Round-Up

Larry Donnell's fingertip catch gave the Giants a win. Odell Beckham cried afterwards, which may be because he injured himself while celebrating ... Terry Bradshaw went off on Greg Hardy ... Cowboys back Christine Michael was pulled over by a Texas State Trooper who just wanted a photo ... A 49ers fan ran onto the field and head butted a cop ... Watch your back, Gisele ... This stupid non-touchdown call on Davonta Freeman cost me a fantasy win ... Speaking of which, here's a good piece about your fantasy team being terrible ... After 18 years, Charles Woodson finally intercepted Peyton Manning ... This is such a typical Rex Ryan story ... Chiefs kicker Cairo Santos just missed a game-winning field goal.

The Rock's Dance Party

Dwayne (The Rock) Johnson isn't just a "jabroni-beating, pie-eating, trailblazing, eyebrow-raising, heart-stoppling, elbow-dropping (random fact about city or current events) people's champion." He's also an accomplished actor, eyebrow acrobat and talented dancer. I'll let you determine the "talented" part in this collection of dance videos from The Rock.

Lovely Lady of the Day


This Can't Be Real 

Fifteen Colorado McDonald's franchises will convert their Play Place areas into marijuana friendly smoking areas. Can't McDonald's customers take care of business before they come into the restaurant and let the kids have their Play Place? 

Update (8:23 a.m.): It isn't real. Sorry, Colorado stoners!

Bryce Harper Has White Hair

If it wasn't 6:23 a.m., I'd have a good Hair Club for Men joke teed up in this spot.

School Photo Time

Jeremy Lin's Hair is Versatile

Odds & Ends

Mark Reynolds hit a batting practice home run that smashed an apartment window across the street from Wrigley ... All of Canada now hates Harold Reynolds ... Rutgers needs to work on its clock management ... So does Boston College ... Cubs closer Hector Rondon got stuck in the bullpen bathroom during Game 1 of the NLDS ...​ Giants tight end Daniel Fells, who has been battling a MRSA infection for over a week, is in danger of losing his foot ... The internet is buzzing about this Astros fan and her mysterious white powder ... California public schools have banned by the state legislature from using "Redskins" as a team nickname ... This is taking yoga a little too far ...  No, I will not take Kim Kardashian seriously ... There's a Brooklyn coffee shop that offers unlimited coffees, teas, lattes, espressos and lemonades​ for $25 a month ... Bullet shells turned into works of art.

Bills Fans Love Their Wrestling Moves

Executed nearly as well as John Cena.

Dabo Swinney Dislikes Your Verb Choice

The Clemson coach does not like that doggone word "Clemsoning." 

Happy Birthday, Dusty Rhodes

The American Dream would've turned 70 today. Here's his famous "Hard Times" promo from 1985.

Never Heard of Blind Melon?

I was at a party this weekend with someone who'd never heard of Blind Melon. I thought that was bizarre and sad. Here's the band performing Change in 1994.

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