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Jimmy Butler should not be allowed to drive. 

By Extra Mustard
October 19, 2015

Chicago Bulls guard Jimmy Butler seems like a cool and good dude.

But this does not mean he should be allowed behind the wheel of a car. 

Butler was the subject of a profile in Chicago Magazine on Monday, a sprawling piece about Butler’s friendship with Mark Wahlberg and rough upbringing. Tucked in between Butler’s rise to stardom was this tidbit: 

I'm sorry, what?! Jimmy Butler doesn’t use a rearview mirror? This is absolutely savage. You can’t be out on the streets of Chicago driving around without a rearview mirror. 

How does he back out of the driveway? How does Jimmy Butler back out of a crowded parking spot at Jewel-Osco? How does Jimmy Butler flash a disapproving look to his two friends being way too loud in the backseat? 

Butler signed a $95 million contract this summer. Normally I would stay out of his pockets, but this is a public health issue. Jimmy, buy a rearview mirror, dude. 

- Rohan Nadkarni

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