Bill Wippert/AP

New York Giants punter Brad Wing had a neat punt celebration. 

By SI Wire
November 01, 2015

Did anyone besides Giants fans know who Brad Wing was before today?

Wing uncorked a solid punt—which was downed inside the five—against the Saints on Sunday, but that isn’t even the highlight we’re discussing here. No, we’re here to look at Wing’s celebration, which at least two (2) people in the office thought was noteworthy. Let’s check it out:


Some, like the person who captioned this vine, are calling this “the best punter celebration of all time.” Personally, this Extra Mustard writer believes a good kicker or punter celebration almost always has to involve an injury. 

But good for Wing. At the very least, they need to update the cover of Madden 16 so Wing can take his rightful spot next Odell Beckham Jr.

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