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Watch: Canada's Lewis Kent runs Beer Mile world record of 4:51.90

Lewis Kent drank four beers and ran four laps in four minutes and 51 seconds.

Canadian Lewis Kent completed a beer mile in 4:51.90 to set a new world record. The record is now pending ratification by

The beer mile calls for a runner to drink beer for every lap on a 400-meter track for a mile. The beer must be 5.0 or higher in alcohol concentration and chugged from a 12 ounce can or bottle that has not been altered. Four beers consumed for four laps. No vomiting permitted.

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James (The Beast) Nielsen was the first man to break the five-minute beer mile barrier with a time of 4:57 in May  2014. Australian James Hansen, 21, ran 4:56.25 but it was not ratified as a world record due to controversy that his final beer was not entirely finished.

Kent broke that world record in August by running 4:55.8 before Canada's Corey Gallagher lowered that mark with 4:54.4​ performance in a time trial last month. 

Gallagher and Kent will go head-to-head at the Flo Beer Mile World Championships in Austin, Texas, next month. Gallagher is the defending champion. Kent won this summer's Beer World Mile Classic in San Francisco. 

Watch Kent set the new world record below: