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Brook and Robin Lopez can’t live together because of their cats

Twins Brook and Robin Lopez can’t live together because their cats won’t get along.

When Robin Lopez signed with the Knicks over the off-season, he was reunited with his twin brother Brook, the Nets’ center, in New York. This was initially great news, because they are extremely close. In October, Scott Cacciola of The New York Timesrevealed that the two spend their free time writing television pilots and coming up with live-animation scripts.

Apparently Brook’s cat, Poupin, wasn’t too excited about this development. He dislikes Robin’s cat, Zephyr, so much that the two couldn’t live together.

“We thought about it,” Brook told the New York Post. “But the cats really wouldn’t get along. They just wouldn’t allow it.”

From the Post:

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“Brook’s cat is very two-faced,” Robin tells The Post. “Everybody loves Brook’s cat. To everybody’s face, he’s such a nice cat. And it may sound like I’m joking, but I am dead serious. He acts like a lazy, sweet cat when everybody is looking. But when their heads turn, he’ll try to chase after [my cat] Edward. The second I lay eyes on him, he’ll act like, ‘I’m a cherub. I’m innocent.’ I’m not buying it.”

This isn’t surprising in the least. Look at Poupin and those scheming eyes.

Zephyr, meanwhile, looks pretty scared of the outside world. Who would want to harm Zephyr?

They could probably save some money on exorbitant New York rent if their cats would just stop fighting. Someone needs to help these two get along.

- Kenny Ducey