Tuesday's A.M. Hot Clicks: Kyra Santoro: Dwight Howard Turns 30

Tuesday's A.M. Hot Clicks feature the lovely Kyra Santoro and celebrate Dwight Howard turning 30.
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Happy 30th Birthday Dwight Howard

Dwight Howard turned 30 today and (as luck would have it) we uncovered a video of him singing the Happy Birthday song. Seems appropriate. If you need a good laugh, check out SI's 2012-13 NBA preview cover. Whoops!

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Monday Night Football Round-Up

Dallas defeated Washington 19-16 on Monday Night Football.Dez Bryant threw a sideline temper tantrum, DeSean Jackson made a really bad play followed by a really good play and Jason Witten caught his 1,000th career pass. In conclusion, it was a fairly ho-hum game and I don't regret going to bed early and missing it.

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Your Move, Dwyane Wade

Hector Picard may be a double-arm amputee, but he designed and built his own arm for shooting a basketball and wants to meet Dwyane Wade in a game of 1-on-1. I don't mean to shove these feel-good stories down your throat but this is pretty incredible.

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Lovely Lady of the Day


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Who Wants a RC Cola Vending Machine?

It can be yours in exchange for tickets to the Utah-BYU game on Dec. 19.

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Brandon Browner vs. Shannon Sharpe

I'm on Team Browner, mostly because I dislike Shannon Sharpe.

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Pop Culture Characters Get "Simpsonized"

Breaking Bad and Sons of Anarchy are my favorites.

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Just Some Office Time

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Nice Gesture by Oregon

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Odds & Ends

A fan lost a bet and had to give Connor Barwin a beer on the field​ ... Here's a feature on the "Discount Double Check" guy from the Aaron Rodgers State Farm commercials ... Does Stephen Curry's pooping impact his performance? ... Enjoyed this Kevin Garnett dunk on Blake Griffin ... Five instances of people trying to ruin Cam Newton's touchdown celebration ... Former pro wrestler Val Venis, who portrayed an adult film star, is now a weed expert ... Nice gesture here by the New York Rangers ... Cheerleaders of the 2015-16 bowl games​ ... 34 great Santa letters to kids ... The White House has a 500-pound gingerbread house this holiday ... Here's a Christmas tree made from 428 empty kegs ...20 best movie posters of 2015.

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Pop Loves The Hugs

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Today in Sports

What to look for today in sports.


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Christmas Light Show of the Day

Shout out to Matt Johnson and his San Antonio family for this masterpiece. (H/T BroBible)

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Bring Back This Show

I've been on a big Curb Your Enthusiasm kick lately and wish they'd bring the show back for one more season. Anyhow, just finished the season revolving around a Seinfeld reunion and had to embed this video of Larry pretending to be Costanza.


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