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The Navy mascot has been cleared for the Army-Navy game after eating a toxic bush. 

By Extra Mustard
December 10, 2015

Navy’s mascot will be able to attend Saturday’s Army vs. Navy game after recovering from eating a toxic bush.

Bill 36, an Angora goat, fell sick after eating toxic vegetation, reports USA TODAY. Bill 36 became nauseous and was struggling to breathe before being taken to a large-animal hospital, where a veterinarian gave the goat medicine to absorb the toxins. 

Listen Bill 36, we’re all gonna be happy to see you on the field Saturday. But you gotta goat up. A toxic bush? Rub some dirt on that potentially fatal poison and get out there. It’s what Bill 12 would’ve done. 

They don’t make ’em like Bill 12 anymore. 

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